SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Here a simple explanation with images

When you visit a website your device is requesting information to an another computer called Server.
This servers are the ones that store the website information, so they will provide your device with the info you need.
During this process Both ends are usually secure with server security,  Anti-virus and firewalls on your device.

But what happen to the information while travels from one device to another? The sad true is that there are many ways a Hacker can spy your conversation while is traveling from one side to the other

Why to choose a SSL for your website?

For us there is no choice. SSL always.

We understand  budgets can be sometimes tight, but for us there is no doubt that a SSL is nowadays essential for any website that handles it’s users data. For tha reason we have different options that go from the basic protection that is totally free to the more complex certificates that will provide excellent results.

So, what does exactly a SSL do?

When an SSL certificate is used, the information that travels between your customer device and the server (your company website) becomes unreadable to everyone except for the two parts. Thats particularly important when you have a shop online, where your customers provide you with personal details and credit card numbers.

What other benefits SSL have?

Would you like to have a more complete hosting service including marketing & design?

In IMDM we prepared the All-In Superplans thinking in that owners that don’t have time to worry about their business online presence. Our Superplans include all what you will need to succeed on the Internet at affordable prices, but always thinking to provide an excellent service.

Our three most popular Certificates

Cpanel Inc. HTTPS


Comodo Essential SSL

From rm150/y*

GeoTrust True Business

From rm850/y*

*Prices subject to change

Let us know if you are interested in another type of SSL certificate. We will find the perfect one for you!

Why choose us?

Technical service

At IMDM you will always have someone ready to answer your request via chat, online call or email ticket. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Attack Protection

Our servers have the best hardware and software to protect your data from Dos attacks, IP deny, Hotlink protection and much more.

Fast Servers & Network

We invest heavily on our hardware to ensure our servers are not overloaded, have fast network connections and are up over 99.5% of the time.

Website backups

All our Hostings include website backups that are done every day and stored in our servers for a minimum of 14 days.

SSL Secured Encryption

All our hostings come with a validated SSLs encryption, making your website a lot more trustable when requesting customers’ contact details, passwords or payment information.

Email server

All our servers have email server software. Thanks to that we provide all our hostings with a minimum of personalized emails for your business.


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